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The Company

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About Us

Specialized Services for Trauma, Mental Health, Couple and Family Conflicts

At Alternative Place 2 Turn, our skilled team specializes in a range of cutting-edge therapies to address trauma, mental health disorders, couple and family conflicts. Our offerings include ketamine assisted therapy facilitation, red light panel, group coaching classes, retreats, and hypnosis.

From anxiety and depression to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), we utilize holistic perspective for all services from EMDR to alternative treatments like hypnotherapy, to provide transformative healing.

Holistic Approaches to Relaxation and Balance

Indulge in profound relaxation and harmonize your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being at Alternative Place 2 Turn. Our in-house Reiki energy sessions, transformative Trauma Yoga classes, and engaging Mindfulness groups provide deep rejuvenation and equilibrium. These modalities lovingly nurture your inner being, fostering holistic healing and cultivating a revitalized sense of peace and serenity.

Dedicated Team

Compassionate Care to Make Your Dreams Come True

Alternative Place 2 Turn is fueled by a sincere passion for people and a commitment to aiding them in realizing their aspirations. With our extensive array of services and empathetic care philosophy, we aim to craft fulfilling lives for individuals pursuing positive transformations.

Opt for Alternative Place 2 Turn for unparalleled mental health and wellness support in Westlake Village and Joshua Tree. Encounter the life-changing impact of our tailored services, holistic methodologies, and devoted team. Embark on your path toward a brighter tomorrow starting today.

2 zen images, one of a woman doing yoga on the beach and other of stacked rocks

Join Forces With Us to Revolutionize Your Life!

Select Alternative Place 2 Turn for a route to a more radiant future. Feel the profound influence of our tailored method and set out on a voyage of healing and lasting transformation. Reach out to us today and initiate the process of reshaping your life.